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M Simunovic, ED Siggia, A Brivanlou: In vitro attachment and symmetry breaking of a human embryo model assembled from primed embryonic stem cells, Cell Stem Cell, 2022

~20 authors (including Simunovic): 
Voices of biotech research, Nat Biotech, 2021

AK Hadjantonakis, ED Siggia, M Simunovic: 
In vitro modeling of early mammalian embryogenesis, Curr Op Biomed Engin, 2020
M Simunovic, JJ Metzger, F Etoc, A Yoney, A Ruzo, I Martyn, G Croft, DS You, AH Brivanlou, ED Siggia: A 3D model of a human epiblast reveals BMP4-driven symmetry breaking, Nat Cell Biol, 2019

JJ Metzger, M Simunovic, A Brivanlou: 
Synthetic embryology: controlling geometry to model early mammalian development, Curr Op Gen Dev, 2018

M Simunovic, A Brivanlou: Embryoids, organoids and gastruloids: new approaches to understanding embryogenesis, Development 2017

A Deglincerti*, F Etoc*, MC Guerra*, I Martyn*, J Metzger*, A Ruzo*, M Simunovic*, A Yoney*, Ali H Brivanlou, Eric Siggia, Aryeh Warmflash: Self-organization of human embryonic stem cells on micropatterns, Nat Prot, 2016

*equal contribution
Selected prior work:
Mechanisms of cell membrane remodeling and cell signaling

C Prévost, M Simunovic, P Bassereau: 
Creating membrane nanotubes from giant unilamellar vesicles, The Giant Vesicle Book, First Edition, 2019

M Simunovic, E Evergren, A Callan-Jones, P Bassereau: 
Curving cells inside and out: roles of BAR domain proteins in membrane shaping and its cellular implications, Annu Rev Cell Dev Bio, 2019

M Simunovic: 
Biology and physics rendezvous at the membrane, Science, 2017 (AAAS/Science prize winning essay)

C Prévost, FC Tsai, P Bassereau, M Simunovic: 
Pulling membrane nanotubes from giant unilamellar vesicles, J Vis Exp, 2017
M Simunovic, JB Manneville, HF Renard, E Evergren, K Raghunathan, D Bhatia, AK Kenworthy, GA Voth, J Prost, HT McMahon, L Johannes, P Bassereau, A Callan-Jones: Friction mediates scission of tubular membranes scaffolded by BAR proteins, Cell, 2017

M Simunovic, E Evergren, I Golushko, C Prévost, HF Renard, L Johannes, HT McMahon, V Lorman, GA Voth, P Bassereau: 
How curvature-generating proteins build scaffolds on membrane nanotubes, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2016

M Simunovic, GA Voth, A Callan-Jones, P Bassereau: 
When physics takes over: BAR proteins and membrane curvature, Trends Cell Biol, 2015

cover art by Maja Deke

Computational modeling of self-assembled systems

M Simunovic, A Šarić, JM Henderson, KYC Lee, GA Voth: Long-range organization of membrane-curving proteins, ACS Central Sci, 2017

M Simunovic, GA Voth: 
Membrane tension controls the assembly of curvature-generating proteins, Nat Commun, 2015

M Simunovic, C Mim, TC Marlovits, G Resch, VM Unger, GA Voth: 
Protein-mediated transformation of lipid vesicles into tubular networks, Biophys J, 2013

M Simunovic, A Srivastava, GA Voth: 
Linear aggregation of proteins on the membrane as a prelude to membrane remodeling, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2013

HFs Renard*, M Simunovic*, J Lemière*, E Boucrot, MD Garcia-Castillo, S Arumugam, V Chambon, C Lamaze, C Wunder, AK Kenworthy, AA Schmidt, HT McMahon, C Sykes, P Bassereau, L Johannes: Endophilin-A2 functions in membrane scission in clathrin-independent endocytosis, Nature, 2015
*equal contribution
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