We are located on the Columbia Medical Campus in New York City's Washington Heights, in one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in the world. Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds in science and academia are strongly encouraged to apply or inquire more information about our research.
Prospective postdoctoral fellows and scholars
We are seeking candidates with a PhD in any field of quantitative biosciences, chemical and biological engineering, cell and developmental biology, or biophysics, and who wish to take part in studying the basic biology of signaling, patterning, and morphogenesis in the context of embryogenesis, human organ development, and disease. No specific expertise or experience in these areas is required, although candidates should have a strong affinity for complex biosystems and a desire for experimental biological research. Prospective candidates should email their CV, a short letter outlining their motivation for applying for the position, and contacts for three letters of reference.

Joint postdoc opportunity with
Prof. Elham Azizi: The Azizi lab develops machine learning tools for analyzing single cell RNA transcriptomics and epigenomics data and applies them to reveal cell lineages and the microenvironment of complex tissues. The Azizi and Simunovic labs collaborate on several projects making the transfer of knowledge and technologies between the two labs seamless. An example of a joint project includes the spatial and temporal single cell mapping of the differentiation landscape in early human embryogenesis using engineered stem cell-based models and CRISPR approaches, as well as their application to modeling human tissues in health and disease, including cancer. However, the candidate will have the freedom to choose how to use the lab’s technologies to shape their own research project.
Undergraduate and masters students
We are devoted to training Columbia undergraduate and masters students with a passion for interdisciplinary research in the biosciences. Undergraduate students in our lab typically run independent projects which gives them considerable exposure to research and so we expect our students to stay in the lab for a minimum of one and a half years. Some students have stayed for an additional time as research assistants after graduating while preparing materials for graduate school applications.
Visiting students
We welcome inquiries from prospective undergraduate or graduate visiting students who wish to get hands-on research experience or perform part of their PhD in our lab, especially students from underrepresented backgrounds. The Simunovic lab participates in various summer programs at Columbia, such as the Amazon/SURE program. We encourage interested students to reach out.
Research Assistants, Technicians, and Professional Staff
We are routinely looking for research staff, and ads will be posted on the Columbia jobs website. Prospective candidates may get in touch with inquiries.